Help make Adina Nyree a "household" name! Really!!

Are you a tastemaker? Or maybe just a really HUGE fan?

Would you like to have Adina Nyree in your livingroom, dining room, or back yard?  

If so, the acoustic house concert is for you! Invite 20 or so of your closest friends for tea and crumpets or hot dogs and burgers or make 'em bring their own!

It's all up to you but what will definitely be on the menu is a great time of acoustic music and poetry the Adina Nyree way!  Just shoot us an e-mail so we can work out the particulars for YOUR concert!

House concerts are currently limited to NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, PA, DE, MD, DC and Northern VA but let us know where you really want to see Adina Nyree and we'll see what we can do!