New Day... New Campaign...New Goal $17,000

Hello! Well, well, well. Here we are. It's been about 2 years since we started our journey on the making of Stone, Flesh & Love. In our first campaign through IndieGoGo, after the fees taken for the IndieGoGo platform and credit card processing, we were able to raise just shy of $4900, a quarter of what is needed to make this album a reality. The current goal for this new campaign is $17000. That means we really only need about 700 backers at just the supporter level of $25 to make this happen! I'm counting on ya'll to help me spread the word and get this project funded in no time!

In this new era of COVID, it's even of greater importance that we support musicians and artists as much as possible. As many of you know, we only use real, professional musicians in the creation of our songs. Your support means that you'll not only help Adina Nyree birth her new "baby" but you'll be part of helping working musicians who've been unable to tour and perform during this pandemic. 

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